"We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."

2 Corinthians 4:7

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Why Haven't You Ever Told Me?"

This Sunday my "little" boy, who has never been "little" will be 16. Andrew was 9 lbs. 13.2 ozs. when he was born, so he was never little when it comes to his physical size.

He has always had a great sense of humor. Although he has tried to hide much of it since he has entered the teenage years, I can still see it seeping out. As his mother, I can still see the same grin that I first saw when he was a baby in my arms.

He has brought us so much joy.

Tenderhearted, is how I would describe him. He describes himself as a "gentle giant". He truly is. I pray he will always continue to be tenderhearted & have a gentle spirit.

He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior the summer prior to 2nd grade. I will never forget.

About 2 weeks prior to him accepting Christ, he became extremely aware of his sinfulness. We would catch him on his knees praying. Sometimes during supper, he would close his eyes and pray. We would inquire. He would say I am asking for forgiveness. I just sinned.

We would say, "when?" He said, "I had a bad thought."

For 2 weeks he lived in turmoil over his sinful condition.

We would share the gospel.

He would agree, but the agony of his sinfulness would continue.

I asked a few others to pray.

One evening he asked me if I had seen the insert in the bulletin at church on Sunday? We were about to have a revival and the insert inside was announcing the revival and it also had the A, B, C's of becoming a Christian printed on it.

I told him I had seen it. He said, "Did you know about the A,B,C's? I said, "yes". He said, "Why haven't you ever told me?" My heart sank, I thought we had explained the gospel so well, and honestly thought the A,B,C's were one of the ways we had explained it, but then I knew that the light bulb would not come on until the Holy Spirit opened his eyes.

I will never forget what he said as he pounded his little fist into his hand. He said you mean you know that you must, A-admit you are a sinner, B-believe that Jesus died for your sins, C-confess that Jesus is your Lord and commit to follow him? I said, "Yes, I know that!"

He proceeded to tell me that he had taken that paper and showed a few people at church on Sunday and asked them if they knew about the A,B, C's and if they had done what it says to do. He said, they all said yes they knew about the A,B,C's and they had done that so I asked them, "Why haven't you ever told me?"

I was stunned.

I asked him if he had done that? He said, "no". Although I was saved at an even younger age, I was trembling inside not wanting to put words in his mouth. So, my awkward answer was, "Well, one day you may want to do that!" Then I said, "If you do, would you talk to me and dad about it?" He agreed he would. (dumb me, he was talking to me)

So, the next thing I know he was sitting at the kitchen table with his head bowed and his hands folded. I waited a moment and then he looked up at me and said, "There I did it!" I said, "Did what?" He said, "I became a Christian!"

Then in his little "preacher boy" way with his fist pounding in his hand, he once again explained the A,B, C's to me. I still think he was not convinced I understood it. I think in my fear of trying to make sure I wasn't putting words in his mouth, I made it so much more complicated than his simple mind understood. He was FREE! He had a new bounce in his step. He no longer carried the burden of his sinfulness. In his childlike way, he understood that Jesus forgave him.
WOW! I wouldn't change that day for anything. It is forever etched in my mind. I've journaled about it before and gave it to him on the day of his baptism, but today as we approach his 16 year old, physical birthday, I am reminiscing about his spiritual milestones as well. This was his beginning point of his personal journey of faith with Jesus. I praise God that he has continued to grow in his faith.

It has been a joy to be the mama of this "gentle giant".

And those words he so innocently spoke still echo in my ears, "Why Haven't You Ever Told Me?"

I have to wonder how many others do I come in contact with on a daily basis that are looking for the simple answers; however, I want to make the gospel more complicated than it is?

It is my prayer that "as I go" in my daily life, that I will be ready at all times to give an answer for the hope that is in me. May I trust the Holy Spirit to do the work in the hearts I come in contact with. May I decrease and let Christ increase and as I abide in Him, may I remember the gospel is as simple as A,B, C.

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